Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Arrive for School Just in Time - having really annoyed your mother

1.  Decide late the night before that you need to do your laundry

2.  Go to bed before transferring said laundry to the dryer

3.  Hope your mother (aka the laundry fairy) discovers the laundry in the washing machine and transfers it to the dryer.

4.  Don't wake up the first time your mother (aka the alarm clock) comes to your room to tell you to get ready for school.

5.  Finally wake up and shower.

6.  Be shocked to discover that the laundry you left in the washing machine the night before is not dry.  (keep in mind you have lived in Belgium for several months now - you know a dryer cycle of 1.5 hours is just enough to make them only damp.  This dryer cycle is usually followed by at least half a day of the clothes hanging on the clothes line.)

7.  Decide to wait for your clothes to dry before going to school.

8.  Eventually capitulate and wear a combination of dry (but unwanted) clothes and damp (but really want to wear it) clothes.

9.  Miss bus

10.  Decide to ride bike

11.  Spend several minutes hunting chain and lock

12.  Realize you can not get on base without a helmet on - find helmet

13.  Get ready to ride bike to school only to discover tires are flat

14.  Spend several minutes hunting bike pump while implying that your mother and sister have conspired against you and put it where you can not find it.  (Keep in mind neither the mother nor sister ride bikes or use a bike pump for anything)

15.  Finally concede things are not going your way and ask the laundry fairy/alarm clock for a ride to school, knowing full well rides to school are not free and missing the bus has consequences.


  1. oh, have so been there, alarm clock mom.
    what does the taxi mom charge for a ride to school?

  2. Two things

    1 I laughed so hard I almost cried

    2. "He"s Allen!!!!!!"

  3. Taxi to school costs a week's allowance though yesterday I needed the time more than the money so he had to walk the dog for the length of time it took me to drive back and forth.

    Alarm clock was ordered last week, I expect it to arrive this week.

    When I asked him who was to blame for the mess of the morning he readily admitted it was all his fault. That earned him a bit of credit in my eyes.