Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hat Stanley

You may recall that in November our Flat Stanley decided to stay in Pisa Italy.   This was a very sad event for Kyra and me.

As we do enjoy traveling with Flat Stanley we made another one.  His name was Flat Stanley 2.  It was not a very creative name and only made us miss the original more.  A friend of mine (thank you Jim) suggested that Flat Stanley 2 needed a personality, so that we could bond with him rather than just missing the original.

Kyra and Hat Stanley at the Louvre
So when Kyra and I got ready to leave for Paris, I decided to make Flat Stanley 2 a hat.  I had initially thought that I would make him a beret, as we were going to Paris.  But I changed my mind when Kyra wore her snow hat for two days straight, every waking hour, inside the house.  I figured if FS2 was going to travel with Kyra and she was wearing her snow hat, he should have one too.

So FS2 now renamed "Hat Stanley" toured Paris wearing his snow hat.  Each trip he will get a new hat to wear, so keep your eyes on this blog to see what I manage to create to keep his head covered.

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