Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm in trouble.

There is a patisserie between our house and SHAPE.  I drive by it almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day).  I have never been in it before today for a variety of reasons most of which have to do with the fact that it is always raining, I'm usually going somewhere else, there isn't any parking and I'm an American and  it is not a one stop shopping kind of place.

Today though I wanted bread for lunch.  I only needed one thing and it is the closest bread store - a bread store with all kinds of yummy looking treats in glass cases.  I'll have to take my camera on my next visit so I can show you.

I bought bread and I also bought a chocolate ganache thing.  I would have taken a photo of that, but Kyra and I devoured it too quickly.  It was about 4 inches high and 2 inches across.  It was layers of meringue and fresh whipped cream with raspberries all covered in gooey chocolate.  Very good.  I did have the sense to buy only one and then show it to Kyra so I would be compelled to share.

However, good sense will not keep me from making return visits to the patisserie.

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