Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who is Bob?

This isn't the best image but the only I could find and copy.  Look at the car it says "I Bob You."

We've been seeing this on billboards since we arrived.  It makes no sense even though it is in English.  That's because it is Belgian.

In French class today I learned this Belgian expression.  Any guesses?  As I read billboard signs that said "I Bob you" I tried to make sense of the other words and images.  The images included cars and/or car keys.  My guesses were auto insurance or maybe some sort of auto loan.

They are a public service ad campaign for designated drivers.  Bob is the guy who doesn't drink and drives everyone safely home.  In English we would ask at the beginning of the evening - Who's the designated driver?  The French would say (in French) - Who will not drink alcohol and drive us home?  In Belgium (in French) they ask - Who is Bob? (Qui est Bob?) Either that or the aim of the campaign is to get people to volunteer to be "Bob"

So now the mystery of the billboards have been solved and I know a uniquely Belgian expression.

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