Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ugly Green Dress Comes in Handy

Ignore the Charlie's Angels type pose.  Admire the dress, the lovely hue of green, how figure flattering it is and how large it is.

This is "my" Nutcracker dress.  The past two years that Kyra has danced in the Nutcracker, my contribution has been to be an adult party guest.  My reward for doing so is the privilege of wearing this ugly green dress.

Until yesterday I did not realize that the ugly green dress had anything to offer me.

Last night was our first rehearsal for Tartuffe.  I've been cast as Elmire.  According to the costume designer, my dress will be quite something. The director warned us ladies that we will need to become accustomed to wearing a dress with a fitted bodice and long bulky skirt.  That we needed to know how it felt to wear one, how one moves in it, how one sits, the space one takes up with such a dress on.

And I thought - check!  After all I danced in the ugly green dress and worked back stage doing quick changes in the ugly green dress.  I know the movement, feel and spacing of the ugly green dress.

I just hope my Tartuffe dress is prettier.

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  1. It couldn't be much uglier or less flattering