Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am for the next few months home schooling Kyra in Civics.  Social studies here at the American school runs on a different schedule than in Fairfax County.  Given the timing of our move here and then back to Virginia, Kyra would entirely miss any instruction in Civics.  As both Kyle and I feel this is important subject matter, I have worked with the school here to free up a class period in Kyra's schedule so that she and I can study Civics together.

I am sure in future blogs I will be reflecting on the joys of home schooling one's pre-teen daughter and the lovely attitude one enjoys when spending one on one time with someone who believes you are an idiot.  Fortunately we are not yet there.

What I have realized is that Kyle and I are more civic minded than I would have initially characterized us.

According to Kyra's text book civics has to do with the rights and responsibilities of citizens.   Kyle has recently begun to work on our taxes (responsibility).  We are both quite diligent in voting in whatever election is held (right and responsibility).  Kyle recently wrote our senators and representative about mixed seating for the parties during the State of the Union (right).  I signed a petition to the President about ending human trafficking (right).

I hope we are making civics come to life for Kyra.  This isn't just something in her book, this is something her parents actively participate in.  At least we have her attention, she was quite surprised that Kyle and I both take the initiative to communicate with our elected officials at whatever level of government.

Have you given any thought recently about your practice of civics?  What rights are you enjoying?  What responsibilities are you addressing?  Are there services, protections and freedoms you take for granted?  I'm certainly more mindful of this these days and grateful for the opportunity to share them with Kyra.  She may find it boring, but she's learning more than she thinks.

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  1. Be sure to make her exams HARD so she can't complain she isn't being challenged!