Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today in the United States you will celebrate February 2nd by looking at a rodent.

In the French speaking parts of Europe, Europeans will celebrate by eating crepes.  Guess which tradition we will be observing.

Today is Chandeleur or Candlemas or Crepe Day.   Chandeleur is a French word for a large candle or taper (not the kind on a birthday cake).   February 2nd started out as a pagan holiday marking the half way point through winter.  The Catholic Church adopted it as a holy day - commemorating Mary's purification and Jesus' presentation at the temple.  They achieved mixed success - people do go to mass but then they bring a candle home with them.  They use the candle to light other candles and spread blessing through the house.  Then they make crepes and the flipping of crepes is used to predict the future and/or the remaining length of winter.

Crepes have a tangental relationship to the concept of Chandeleur.  Candles are a light source.  We are getting a bit more light every day (hooray!)  Crepes are in the shape of the sun.  The sun gives light.  See there is a connection.

Anyways, we will observe Crepe day in the Dunlap house.  I've even found a vegan crepe recipe so that Allen can enjoy the celebration as well.  I've got a raspberry filling planned and there is always that great standby crepe filling - Nutella.

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