Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last week was kind of full, which is why this blog was not.

For the past semester I have been very fortunate to be in a French class that had only three students who showed up for class regularly. That meant that we could practice our French quite a bit.  The down side is that now that is time for re-enrollments we don't have enough students for the class to continue.

At the beginner level students can pick and choose between instructors, days and times for their classes.  At the intermediate level there is only one of each class.  When your class is discontinued, well that is it.

My teacher recommended that we give the advanced class a try.  So, a week and a half ago I did.  I was a bit afraid, but figured my other options were no French class or repeating these last few months.

In the advanced class I found that I could understand what was going on.  My speaking and grammar aren't quite up to the level of the other students but I'm not overly behind either.  What that class is doing, I was doing in college, so in theory, my brain could do it once, my brain can do it again.

I did not however wish to fall further behind so for the last week plus I have been attending both French classes to make the transition.

This week I don't have class and then next week, I start the advanced class.  Wish me Bonne Chance!

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