Monday, October 4, 2010

Wacky Tacky Day

 It is Spirit Week at SHAPE American High School (of which the junior high is a part).

Today is Wacky Tacky day.  True to her nature, Kyra has carefully planned and prepared for the day.  She put much thought into assembling her costume, which is composed of the following elements...

1.  Fill Your Tank at Bill's t-shirt from the Arkansas gas station and restaurant

2.  Her ballet skirt

3.  A striped scarf

4.  Pink sweats from her days in the Crystals dance company

5.  Five different socks of varying lengths

6.  One fake Ugg boot

7.  One blue Croc with caterpillar jibbit.

8.  plaid shirt over Bill's t-shirt

9.  Candy Land beach towel (she has had since she was four) worn as a cape

 10.  Two pony tails of varying heights

11.  Plastic creations made from beads melted together - two are fish and one is a smiley face - these hang from pony tail holders

12.  One puffy feathery hair piece from her dance recital when she was 5.

This entire ensemble makes up Kyra's wacky tacky day ensemble.

This is Allen's level of spirit.....


  1. An update - Kyra tied for first place as wackiest person in the 7th grade.

  2. ...and we all suppose that Allen tied for first place as "evidently decided not to participate in Wacky Tacky Day."