Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back and Forth

This is my life today.  Back to the bank to exchange more euros.   Then to SHAPE for quick stops at the library and post office.  Yet another meeting at the school regarding Kyra's classes.  I made a long run to Chievres for weekly food.

Upon walking into the house with arms full of groceries, thinking I had a couple of hours, Allen greeted me with "Can you take me to SHAPE at 1?"  He wanted to hang out with friends before his running practice.  So yes, I ran him back to SHAPE.

Back home to attend to other chores before I again go to SHAPE to take Kyra to her theater rehearsal followed by dance class.

I think I will have entered and exited SHAPE every two hours today.  By the end of today the gate guards should be waving me through instead of checking my ID.

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