Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today we attended our first church potluck here at SHAPE.  They have one monthly, but this is one that finally fit our schedule.

While church potlucks all have their own individual flair, I do have to say that this one fit the general potluck mode.  There was plenty of food.  Desserts were in abundance followed closely by casseroles.  There were a couple of those quirky dishes that people weren't so sure about - in this case, grapes in some white dressing and a rice stir fry with olives.  All the food on my plate was very good if not good for me.

Usually the SHAPE Protestant Chapel has themes for their monthly potlucks and the hospitality ladies match the decor with place mats, printed napkins and center pieces.  This month's theme was "Totally Random."  The bonus of this theme is that all those odds and end place mats, napkins and centerpieces could be used.  Tables had floral place mats, Christmas napkins, fall leaves and Italian flags.  The effect was colorful if not coordinated.

Three of us ate well.  Limited by his allergies, Allen stuck to the apple crisp he knew I made.  Now he is supplementing it with a lunch at home.  Next time we'll have to pack more lunch for him.

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