Sunday, October 24, 2010


I hate announcements in church.  The whole point of going to church on Sunday is to worship God.  There is little to nothing in the church news feed (aka announcements) that is worshipful.  No one has had their heart warmed or their affections stirred for Jesus because of announcements.  (If you have, please tell me I am wrong).

To varying degrees churches do make an attempt to tame this beast.  This ranges from letting them run amok - a free for all, anyone talks for any length of time to a tightly tamed only one person talks and makes no more than three.

Given how much I hate them, I find it amusing (and imagine that you will too) that I am now the designated announcement person at the SHAPE chapel.  It is Alan Marshall's fault.  He coached me into how to make announcements with enthusiasm and in an expedient manner.  He also taught me to never ask for volunteers in desperation or for warm bodies and to get it all done in three minutes or less.

This training all came in handy when there was a shortage of chaplain leadership two weeks in a row.  The first week, I was asked to announce a huge multi month ministry, the following week, they handed me the welcome, announcements, offering and prayer with ten minutes notice.

I guess all the coaching stuck.  I now get to serve God by making announcements....


  1. God does have a sense of humor, doesn't she?

  2. What'll be next? Praying?

  3. Perhaps God is sending you a message

  4. I love that you are announcement person!!!! Having been announcement guy for 100 years at FCC. I was given 2 minutes and told to communicate everything and BE FUNNY! Kyle