Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ordinary Day

Late blog today - no reason other than daily crazy and lack of inspiration

Nothing overly special today, just a review of a typical day

Mornings consist of all of us rising fairly early (Allen unwillingly) to get ready for work and school.  Kyle goes off to work, the kids off to the bus.

I get to lag behind a bit, walk the dog and get myself ready for the day.

I had French class today.  I usually combine going to class with various errands - sometimes a visit to the library, always a check of our mailbox and sometimes a visit to the grocery store.  Less often I'll fill my gas tank or check on the progress (or lack thereof) of any bureaucratic process (still no Belgian IDs).

Kyra rides the bus home.  Allen stays after for cross-country practice.  Kyle picks up Allen after work and after practice and they come home together.

Evenings are typically devoted to homework.  Tonight I have a meeting - a church meeting.  I'm now serving on the parish council and in the student ministry.  I know you are all shocked.

My day usually allows pockets of time for cooking, reading, and/or blogging.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it is nice to have time to relax and not have to rush around.

Maybe I'll be more inspired tomorrow...

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