Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dobby's Diet

 This is what Dobby does all day long.  

Sometimes he moves, so he can lay like this.
As you might presume, this takes a huge expenditure of calories.

Dobby has always been on a special diet.  Corn makes his epilepsy worse, so we have to buy special dog food without corn.   We have it shipped to Europe in sizable quantities.

Apparently we have not been feeding this very active dog enough.  Over the past three days, he has eaten - a bar of soap, chocolate chip brownies, and the glass Pyrex pan that contained said brownies.  These have not affected his epilepsy nor his daily routine of rigorous bouts of sleeping - for which we are thankful, but I think we'll stick to his regular diet and discourage further bouts of experimentation.

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