Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kyra Speaks Dance French

Kyra does not speak French.  She can however dance in French.

Ever since she started dancing, she has been learning to dance in French.  All ballet terms are French, it doesn't matter whether you are being taught by an American, a Russian or a Belgian.  The steps, the movements have French names.

So yes, I am a mean mom for tossing Kyra into dance classes taught in French, but I'm not that mean.  And I'd like to note Kyra is doing very well.  Sure she misses some of the corrective notes but she gets the gist of things.

I was especially pleased when she climbed in the car a couple of weeks ago and said, "Mommy, I think I have it but I don't know whether it goes gauche - doite - gaughe or doite- gauche - doite."  For you non French speakers - left right left or right left right.  She now does her eight counts in French and distinguishing left from right in French.  She has passed that all important milestone in learning another language - she has stopped translating and just starting thinking in the new language.

Yes she still doesn't know every word that has been said but gauche is gauche and doite is doite.  And she dances to the rhythm of un, deux, trois, quartre, cinq, six, sept, huit....

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