Saturday, November 6, 2010

SHAPE Library

It is interesting to note what amenities are provided for military and foreign service overseas.  We get a PX, a commissary, a gym, school, bowling alley and a library.

I did not have high hopes for the library and those hopes have been met.  I will admit Fairfax County will spoil one for almost any other library system.  SHAPE library is multi-lingual.  The English language section is shared by both the Americans and the British so it is larger than the other sections.  There is a decent selection of best-selling authors.  So I have access to Steele, Archer, Cussler, etc.  It is an opportunity to read authors I have long ignored, to try some new things.

Earlier this year, I wanted to have Kyra read Diary of Anne Frank.  Given that we are next to the Netherlands I thought for sure the library would have it - wrong.

The upside is I have found some new authors I enjoy - Sarah Addison Bell and Carol Cassella.  I have also encountered some duds - Dixie Cash.

So while the library isn't great, it isn't all bad and has plenty of books I haven't read.  I am grateful though, I have a Kindle.

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  1. and the name Dixie Cash didn't give you a clue?