Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

Because Kyra does not have enough to do in her after school hours, she auditioned for the community theater production of Bye Bye Birdie.  In her audition, the directors noticed that she can dance (surprise!).

She was cast as a "sad faced girl."  This means she dances in the "Put on a Happy Face" number.  Over the past few weeks she has had the opportunity to work with a professional choreographer from California.  This has been a neat experience for her and is a bit of a change from the norm of having dance classes with her choreographers.  She is also dancing with a non-dancer so she is learning that what she takes for granted is much more difficult for others.

She has about a month of rehearsal left before performances start.  Then there is a break and in February the show will be performed again as part of a competition.  The SHAPE theater is truly an award winning theater.  Their most recent production took top honors in several categories at a European competition and will be progressing on to New York.

I'm sure I will have more to say about Bye Bye Birdie as the production gets closer, so watch this space.

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