Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Miss the Sun

We returned to Belgium six days ago.  Not only has it rained everyday, not just part of the day - it has rained all day.

Just to give you an idea of how accustomed to the cloudy rainy weather we have become - while we were on the cruise, we noticed the sun.  We were thrilled that we noticed it every day.  

It was sunny in Rome.  No wandering through rain slicked streets.  No quick photographs with worries the camera would be damaged. 

It was so sunny in Pisa that we were competing with shadows to get decent photos when we were on the ground.  From of the top of the leaning tower, it lit the cathedral and baptistry beautifully. 

In France (and other ports), the kids enjoyed just being out on deck.  The 24-7 access to miniature golf was also a big attraction.  Allen also ran around the track and Kyra liked inline skating. 

The sun also added to the lovely scenery of southern France.  Our excursions didn't take us anywhere famous or notable.  We just visited small villages and enjoyed being out while the sun was shining. 

We are already anticipating our next travel opportunity, not for the history or culture, but for the chance to once again spend time in the sun.

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