Sunday, November 7, 2010

Club Beyond

Allen and Kyra have been enjoying the student ministries of Club Beyond these past few months.  In some ways, Club Beyond is similar to many other fine student ministries offered in the US.  The kids are invited to come play some games and hear a biblically themed talk.  Later in the week they have an opportunity to gather for small group Bible study.

These gatherings involve food and silliness - a great draw for teens.  They also involve Jesus, Bible and time for prayer - also a draw for the teens of Club Beyond.

So the difference - well, we are in Europe.  Most of the Club Beyond kids are American, but not exclusively so.  There's an international flavor to the gatherings.  The ski trip to a ski resort within a day's drive, well it's in Austria.  The mission trip that will be in Romania.  Same ministry different setting.

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