Friday, November 12, 2010

Ice Skating on the Ocean

 Yes there was an ice rink on the cruise ship.

It was about a quarter of the size of a competition rink.

Our first cruise day was "at sea."  That afternoon we attended the ice show.  Given the size of the rink, I was impressed with what the skaters were able to do in terms of jumps and lifts.  We managed to get second row seats so we saw it all up close.  Neat experience.

After dinner the rink was opened up for the teens to skate.  Allen isn't a huge fan of ice skating (he prefers inline skates and ramps) but he is good at it.  He wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to say he ice skated in the middle of the ocean - or more accurately the Mediterranean Sea.

Kyra enjoys ice skating and looked forward to strapping on skates.  As there weren't many teens on the cruise, they only had to share the space with about four other kids.

The rink was open a few more evenings, but it coincided with our dinner time.  This meant I never got a chance to ice skate on the ocean.  Maybe next time....

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