Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Network

Kyra was a fan of Food Network before we moved to Belgium.  Now with limited cable and access to English language shows she is even a bigger fan.

I have to admit Food Network is easy to watch (particularly with the more limited commercials).  We don't have to keep track of any continuing story lines (this is important as we have no way of recording shows here.  If we miss it, we miss it).  It doesn't take much brain power to understand what is happening and all the hosts are happy and perky.

Barefoot Contessa is on quite a bit.  Kyra really likes the show, but I far prefer Iron Chef America.  As much as Allen complains about having to watch shows that he doesn't pick (one TV here), he likes Iron Chef too.

So while the shows haven't changed the way we cook or eat, at least they keep us entertained in a light, don't have to think way.

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