Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cherry Beer

First a disclaimer - I am not a fan of beer.  I don't like beer, I never really have.  If pressed to choose a favorite, I would say Heineken.    But even that requires a disclaimer.  When I was living in Leningrad for a month (when it was Leningrad and not St. Petersburg) my beverage choices were Pepsi, Heineken and mineral water.  Mineral water doesn't sound so bad until I reveal that the mineral water had enough minerals in it to turn the surface of teeth black and tasted like drinking fizzy pennies.  Under these circumstances I found Heineken quite tasty.

I now find myself in the land of beer.  There are whole aisles of it in the grocery stores and many breweries in the towns around us.  There are many kinds of beer, including cherry beer, strawberry beer, and cookie beer.

Just because I don't like beer doesn't mean I'm not willing to try new ones.   We are living in a new place we will try new foods and new beverages.  Cherry beer seems to be quite popular, so I thought I'd start with that.  As the grocery store sells them as singles and six packs, not much would go to waste if I didn't care for it.

So I bought a small bottle, brought it home and waited a day so it could get properly chilled.

It came as no surprise to me that I did not care for it.  To me it tasted like cherry pop with a beer aftertaste followed by a cherry cough syrup aftertaste.  Allen and Kyra were allowed tastes as well and neither of them became a fan, so now I know they won't be sneaking off to get drunk on cherry beer (possibly other beverages but not this one).

You might like cherry beer, maybe you like cherry cough syrup.  If you come to visit, I'll ask you if you want to try it.

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