Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pianos on the sidewalk

As we were walking toward the Brussels Grand Place and the flower carpet on Saturday, we came across this piano - a bit odd, but it can also be explained.

When people move into and out of European buildings, buildings without elevators and with narrow staircases, their belongings come and go through exterior windows.  In this case, there were no other belongings and no one doing any moving.

We chalked it up as odd and kept walking, and we came across another piano and another one and another one.  In the course of our walk we saw about ten pianos.  At that point we attributed it to the summer music festival going on in Brussels.

All pianos seemed to be in working order.  They all had their keys and were upright.  But some support legs were broken, wood was cracked and not unexpectedly they were out of tune.  Nonetheless, Allen did have some fun playing a little bit.  How often does anyone get to play a piano in the streets of a world capital?

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