Thursday, August 12, 2010

Animals of my Morning Walk

I wrote last week of the differences between my suburban morning walk and my Belgian morning walk, but I neglected to photograph the animal life I encounter each morning.

Today I'll remedy that.  The first animal accompanies me on my walks - both suburban and rural.   Dobby is the reason for the morning walks.  Now that he is three, he has lost some of his puppy exuberance, but he still needs the exercise and so do I.

The first animals we usually see are the horses that live across the street.   Our living room windows overlook their pasture, so I see these horses all day long.

Next we walk by the mules.  Just two of these in the neighborhood.  They live at the end of the block.  Usually there are some chickens and roosters hanging out with them, but none were to be seen yesterday morning.

Our walk then loops around to a small barely finished road.  We see a few more horses but are mostly walking by fields for a while.  The wheat harvest has begun.  The waving wheat is gone and now the fields look like this.

At the end of the street is where the cows live.  They are waiting to be let into their feeding pasture.  So they are close to the gate instead of all spread out.  These are our friendly neighborhood cows.  There are cows a bit further away along the N6 who have a reputation for being mean.  The cows further down the block seem friendly enough but one must be careful walking by their pasture because there is a weak area of fence and it is not uncommon to find an escaped cow.

As I was heading home I encountered one more animal.  It was unexpected but a reminder of home.  In suburbia, my animal encounters were pretty much limited to other dogs, a cat or two, crows, worms and these guys.  This one is a little bigger than most of the ones I saw on the sidewalks at home but familiar all the same.

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