Friday, August 27, 2010

Stuff I Miss

Yes, I know that yesterday I wrote a blog about identity and not having one's identity in things.  But, some things make life more comfortable or easier and now that I have been separated from my household for almost two months I know what I really miss.
(In case I haven't whined enough, our house was packed up on July 6th.  Air baggage is supposed to take around 4 weeks.  We are now in week 7 with no prospect of seeing that stuff soon.  Shipped stuff is supposed to take 8 weeks but given our track record - who knows??)
Anyways - stuff I miss

1.  Allen's back pack - I feel bad he has had to start school without it.  It is in the air baggage so we did expect it to arrive before school started.

2.  My pillow - I know I'll sleep better once I have it.  I don't necessarily need my bed, but I do need (really want) my pillow.

3.  Coffee maker - I miss morning coffee.  I could buy a coffee maker, but I know it is coming and I hate to waste the money.

4.  A second pair of pants - When I was packing we were in 100 degree days.  Kyle was emailing me how hot it was here in Belgium.  Since we have arrived, the average highs have been 70 degrees which I would love, if all my clothes weren't shorts and sleeveless tops.

5.  My Helly Hanson rain jacket - The weather has been 70 degree highs and almost daily rain.  When your wardrobe is very limited, wet clothes just are that much more of a hassle.

6.  My slippers - the floors are all cold tile.

7.  Two more plates, two more bowls and a cutting board - I could expand my dinner options a bit and we could all eat at the same time.  (Why don't we buy paper plates and plasticware?  A bag of 50 plastic spoons costs $7)

I think that is really about it.  So much more will eventually be delivered to us but I those are the items I'll go hunting for first and the things I will probably use the most.

If your whole house was packed up and you found yourself in some new house in some new place - what would you miss most?

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