Friday, August 13, 2010

Bathroom Privacy

The master bathroom has a lovely and large window that extends from the floor to just 18 inches shy of the ceiling.  From this window I can see my neighbor's fields, their horses, cows and dog.  I can also see their house and into their windows.
Which I am guessing means they can see my house and into my windows.
in the left window you can see a neighbor

Here is the view immediately opposite the window.   That would be my toilet and next to it the bathtub.  It is hard to see in the photo below, but the shower is right next to the window.  Exiting the shower means stepping right in front of the window.

I should note that our landlords have left us a curtain rod and a curtain.  This would be great if the curtain were big enough for the window, but the curtain is not.  It is long enough, but not wide enough.  So it has to be strategically positioned for optimal privacy based on one's bathroom activities.

So an order was placed for frosted contact paper, a tension rod and sheer curtains.  Kyra helped me with this project.   First we put up the contact paper.  This is not a strong suit for either of us.  It wasn't very straight, nor smooth.  So then came the next step - a small tension rod and sheer curtains.  Looking at the photo is appears we didn't get that level either, but I can easily fix that.   But now there is privacy when before there was none.

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  1. and did your "roommate" not notice all this!!!!