Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fish Pond

When we arrived in Belgium, Kyra was delighted to discover that the house came with a fish pond.

The pond sits at the corner of our patio and as you can see has pretty plants all around it and a metal heron sculpture.

Our landlord has told us that we can give the fish some bread about once a week.  Kyra decided that the fish need fish food and not bread, so when we were at the PX she found the fish food.

Once a week she faithfully feeds the fish and is delighted to watch them rise to the surface of the pond.

There are a couple white fish and a couple of black ones.  The rest are orange.

I find the pond to be a lovely way to enjoy fish without the work.  We don't have to filter water or clean an aquarium, just sprinkle some food in every now and again.

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