Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Day in Mons

Yesterday was our first opportunity to get the lay of the land.  Kyle did not have to work and was able to show us neighboring villages, local stores, and the city of Mons.
The kids did not find it an overly exciting day, but I was glad to get my bearings and see some of the places  I will be shopping for food.

The highlight for Allen was finding a McDonalds - partly for its familiarity but mostly for the assurance of a reliable menu item - French Fries.  When one is allergic to everything and ingredient labels are all in French and Flemish, it is nice to find a safe and enjoyable food.

Mons looks and feels like a small European city with its older buildings and cobblestone streets too narrow for cars.  A free intra city bus alleviates much of the car traffic and so the city is pleasant to walk around. The main sites are the Hotel de Ville (city hall), the bell tower and the Church of St. Walldru.  I will probably write about each of these sites separately at a later date, so for now, I'll just share photos of our first day in Mons.

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