Thursday, September 2, 2010

Town of Viaden

The town of Viaden is in northern Luxembourg and lies in a river valley.  My words and photos will not due this town justice.  It is charming and quaint and pretty and delightful.

The main street is made of bricks and winds gently down the hillside and crosses the river.  Almost every window is adorned with a planter overflowing with flowers.   Just walking down the street was enjoyable.

There were many restaurants, brasseries and tea rooms which made choosing a place for dinner difficult.  We eventually settled on a little place called La Tourelle.  Unlike the other eating establishments on the main street it did not have a cafe in front.  It did however have a terrace in back.  The terrace didn't have a view of anything special but it as it was off the main street it was very quiet and peaceful.  

They were ready to serve many nationalities of tourists as their menu was in at least six different languages.  In addition to their main menu, there were a few new dishes, but that menu was only in French.  I'm glad I looked at it because I found this wonderful "tartine."  It had potatoes, cream, onions, gruyere cheese and prosciutto.  Very, very good.  Very, very unhealthy.

As we were all tired after our day in the city, we went to bed early to rest up for our castle adventure on Sunday.   Here are just a couple of photos of what the castle looks like from the town below.  

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