Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dance Studio and Bar

Kyra takes dance lessons at two different studios.  The Dance Center is a more established studio.  The attire expected of the students is more traditional and the classes are run with an emphasis on structure.  It is also traditional in the accommodations made for parents - small lobby furnished with old furniture at a ratio of 1 seat per 3 people.

Attitude Dance Studio is newer and less traditional.  It looks like they have set up shop in what used to be a restaurant or bar or dance club.  The waiting area is a large room with several small tables and chairs like one might see in a bar.

On Monday evening I really enjoyed this space - I could sit and read in the quiet.  It never got crowded with parents dropping off and picking up.  The space was more than adequate for the traffic of all the adults and dancers.

On Friday, I was looking forward to this comfortable space again.  I brought my French homework and a book to read.  It was a bit shocking to discover that on Friday's the Attitude Dance Studio is hang-out.  The bar I had noticed on Monday was in full swing and serving beverages -  bottles of water, bottles of Coca-Cola, bottles of beer.

Teenagers filled the space as they watched friends in the hip hop classes or arrived early for their own classes.  Adults filled the space as they drank beer and waited for their kids.  At one point the bar got so loud, the hip hop instructor came in and asked everyone to be more quiet.

It was an interesting business model - dance studio and bar.  As long as parents are waiting for their dancers, might as well make money off of them as well.


  1. That's great. I've always thought Buffa's could make a killing selling coffee.

  2. so, how many beers did you have?