Saturday, September 25, 2010


A big thank you for all the kind birthday wishes that arrived via the US mail and Facebook.  I love how the internet makes me feel that much closer to friends and family.

My 42nd birthday passed relatively quietly.  Kyle was in England on business and the kids were at school.  After school I got to drive Kyra to and from dance and pick up Allen from his cross-country practice.  What else do moms do?

I did get the chance to make myself some celebratory cupcakes.  I theory they are black forest cupcakes, but I couldn't find the frozen cherries the recipe called for, so I substituted raspberries.  They still taste good.

It is against "the rules" to ship candles overseas so no birthday candles for me.  I'll have to see if the PX sells them so I can have them in time for Kyle's birthday.

Thank you again for thinking of me - I hope you had a wonderful day too.

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