Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Allen and Kyra's Extracurricular Activities

Being products of their Northern Virginia up-bringing Allen and Kyra can not simply attend school, return home, do homework, eat dinner and spend quality family time with their parents.  This would be too slow of a pace not enough variety or social interaction.  Just living overseas in another culture and not speaking the language is not enough of an adventure.

We've been here now about six weeks and they have already begun to find their social groups and their extracurricular activities.

Both kids are involved in the chapel youth group which is called Club Beyond.  Club Beyond meets on Tuesday afternoons for Fellowship and some study.  They also meet on Wednesday for small group and Bible study time.  As it is associated with an ecumenical military chapel, this group is non-denominational by which I mean Baptist and conservative.  This will mean we'll be having some conversations about what Mom and Dad believe and how we live out our faith.  I can't complain too much, as Club Beyond is a quality ministry and is fruitful in nurturing faith in the kids.

Allen is running cross-country.  Actually at this point he is training to run cross-country, meets don't start for a few weeks yet.  When the meets do start, he'll be running internationally, as his school will be competing against other Department of Defense schools in Europe.  Traveling across Fairfax County (if he makes the Lake Braddock team) for a meet will be nothing compared to some of the overnight trips he'll be on this year.

Kyra is dancing - what else would she do?  I've found two studios for her.  One is Dance Center and the other is called Attitude.  It looks like she'll be in six classes spread over 4 days of the week.  This will be a decrease over last year's nine classes spread over 5 days of the week.

Add that to homework, spending time with friends and travel and they have a pretty full schedule.  And what extracurricular activity do Kyle and I have?  Driving them to and fro.

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