Monday, September 6, 2010

House Cleaning

I love house cleaning.  I like clean shiny surfaces.  I like that picked up look - everything put away and in its place.  I love the order of a clean and picked up house.

I hate to do it.  I don't like being up close with the chemicals.  I don't like the work of scrubbing and wiping.  I hate that so soon after all that work, it is undone.

Today is a good day.  Today is the day our cleaning lady starts.

Finding one has not been easy.  In Belgium there are cleaning services but they work on a complicated voucher system.  In order to purchase this service there is a bunch of paperwork.  To enter into this maze of paperwork one must have a Belgian ID.  I've done two steps of the Belgian ID process.  I started it 5 weeks ago.  I don't have a Belgian ID.

I have been checking bulletin boards around SHAPE to see if a non-Belgian is offering a non-voucher, non- Belgian ID cleaning service.  I have found someone.  She will come today.

When you have someone clean your house, you have to pick up and put away.  Already this makes the house look better than it does on non-cleaning days.

I realize I am not working here in Belgium.  I do have the time to clean.   But did I mention I hate it?  I will point out in my defense, we don't go out to eat.   I figure the money we save from that more than covers house cleaning expenses.

This morning I have a picked up house.  This afternoon I have will have picked up and clean house.  I'll enjoy it for as long as it lasts...


  1. Melissa, I am so enjoying your brief posts about your life and adventures in Belgium. I too hate to clean. I would love a clean house. I look around at the corners and surfaces and cringe. I have always said that Jeff & I need a "housewife," but it ain't me!

  2. which should last until the kids come home from school

  3. I guess I should have said you come by that feeling honestly