Sunday, February 27, 2011

Belgian Beer Tour

A few weeks ago (yes I know I have been woefully neglecting my blog) Kyle went on a tour of Belgian breweries.

The tour was full but Kyle got up early on Saturday morning in case someone didn't show up and he could take their seat.  He managed to get a seat on the bus and thus went on a tour of three monasteries and their beer brewing facilities.  If he was writing this blog entry, he could tell you the names and locations of said breweries.

The most popular part of the tour seemed to be the opportunity to taste the beer brewed by the Belgian monks.  Go figure!

As you can see I sent Hat Stanley along for the tour.  For this outing he wore his jesters hat.

If you are a beer lover and come visit us, Kyle can take you to these breweries as they are not too far away.  I'd even let you take Hat Stanley and his jesters hat if you promise to bring him back.

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