Monday, February 14, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

About a week ago I was thinking that I was running out of blog topics as we have now mostly adjusted to life in Belgium and at the moment all of us are settled into our routines.

But then Allen happened.  (It is almost always Allen who shakes things up)

It is winter which means cold season which means post nasal drip which means Allen's asthma kicks up.  This time his asthma really kicked up, so much so that we made an early morning trip to the local emergency room.

Allen has no memory of the last time his asthma was this bad.  In hindsight he was probably in what doctors would refer to as the "yellow zone" versus the "red zone."  Red or yellow he still needed more assistance to breathe than what we could do for him at home.  So off to the emergency room we went.  He did have an audible wheeze to his breathing and the oxygen level in his blood was not what was optimal.

At the hospital he received a breathing treatment and was put on oral steroids.  I now know the French word for steroid (but not how to spell it) - corticoid (core tea coe eed).

Most of last week was spent monitoring Allen's breathing and with him home from school.

When Allen feels well he is quite busy with school, friends, running, youth group, Bible study and worship band.  When he is at home he is usually in his room and on his computer.  It was a change of pace to have him around more and interact with him more than usual.

I have something more to note about Allen being around but I think I'll save that for tomorrow as this post is already long.  So check back in tomorrow...

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