Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm a Magazine Cover

A while ago now I wrote about the publicity posters for Tartuffe.  As I said earlier, the photo shoot was one small thing among many others that I was focused upon at the time.  Only later did the implications of the photo shoot begin to sink in.

Well, they are still sinking.

It's one thing to know your photo is going to be everywhere and another to actually encounter it.

I see them everywhere I go - the theater (to be expected), the library, the post office.  I see it at the language school where I study French.  I saw it when I went to buy wine at the rationed goods store.  I am told it is displayed at the Pizza Bowl (bowling alley, pizzeria) and at the base eateries.

Now I am the back cover of the SHAPE magazine, Kyle brought a copy home just so I could see.

It is quite a weird experience, one I am sure I won't have again.

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