Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weight Loss by Theater

Since being cast in Tartuffe I'm down three pounds.  Given that my weight has been within the same 5 pound range for years now and that I am now three pounds less than the lower end of that range, I find it to be remarkable.

My BMI is in the normal range, though at the high end of normal for my height.  With this recent loss I am now trending toward the middle of that range.

I'm not a terribly healthy eater and I can't say that I've improved much in that category.  I do exercise daily (thank you accountability partner) and attempt some strength training.  I think this has helped me maintain a healthy weight.

What I believe is making this recent difference is rehearsal.  I've forgotten how physically demanding it is to be on stage.  One would think it is just a bunch of sitting, walking and talking but it is more.  I spend a good amount of time leaning away from various characters and I can tell you my core muscles are getting work out to achieve a position and then hold it.  By the end of the evening I am really tired.

I am being a bit more careful about what I am eating as well.  My costume will have a tightly fitted bodice and vanity spurs me on to maintain the loss and strive for a trimmer torso.  Time will tell if I can maintain this or not, but I'd like to.  There's nothing wrong with a healthy BMI and really strong core muscles.

Thank you Tartuffe!

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