Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shortest Day

It is just before 4pm and the sun is already beginning to set on this day.

This was to be the last day of school for Allen and Kyra before their two week winter break, but due to all our recent snow, winter break began last Friday.

Yesterday the kids stayed inside and plugged in.  Today they channeled their energies in a much more productive manner.  Without much prodding, both children cleaned their rooms to the point where they actually look good.  Kyra is doing laundry.

And now, they are outside playing with the dog in the snow.  They built this igloo/dog house and are continuing to refine it.  Kyra also made a mini snowman.

As for me, I know my role - I've got the hot chocolate on the stove ready to be served in mugs adorned with a mini candy cane.

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