Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree

The Sunday before I got really sick we got our Christmas tree up.

We had hoped for a real tree but they are sold in very few places and did not go on sale until about mid-December.

So we caved and bought an artificial tree at the PXtra. This one we can use when we return to the US.  It is pre-lit and runs on US voltage.  That means that here we have to plug it into a transformer.

When we packed up our Christmas stuff last year, we all picked out 10-20 ornaments we really wanted to have here in Belgium.  We enjoyed seeing these old friends but also missed the ornaments we won't see for a few years.

Allen picked out his guitar ornaments and trucks and tractors.  Kyra made sure she brought her Nutcracker themed ornaments.   Kyle's choices were Williamsburg and White House ornaments.  I picked out churches and the hand-made ornaments the kids have made.  The angel at the top of the tree was made by Kyra when she was 4.

Kyra was especially pleased to have our Christmas decorations out and on display.  It now feels more "christmasy" to her.  It's not quite as "christmasy" as it would be if we were in Virginia but it is enough of home to make us feel warm and get us in the Christmas spirit.

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