Saturday, December 4, 2010

Opening Night

 Last night was opening night of the SHAPE Players' production of Bye Bye Birdie. 

Kyra was cast as a "sad faced girl."  She and another "sad faced girl" Renee were in the number Put on a Happy Face.  

Their characters were sad because Conrad Birdie (a teenaged heart throb) was going off to war.

In the number, Conrad's manager, Albert encourages them to cheer up and put on a happy face.

He makes funny faces at them and acts goofy and eventually gets them to smile and dance with him.

The number was cute and all three did a great job with the acting and the dancing.

Kyra is currently quite sick so she's had to push herself to put energy into her performance and she has three more to go this weekend.

She'll make it but after Sunday's matinee I expect she'll go to bed and stay there until Monday morning.

I'll let you know how the weekend goes....

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  1. So she didn't have to act to look downtrodden