Friday, December 3, 2010

Il Neige

Or in other words (English ones) it is snowing.

It began snowing here on Tuesday and has done so off and on through this morning.   Temperatures have not risen above freezing and the snow accumulation is a few inches.

My native born Virginian children expected school to be cancelled or delayed.  Kyra even wore her pajamas inside out and backward Wednesday evening (a Virginia tradition to bring on a snow day).  This did not work.  They have had school every day this week and it has started on time.

I wouldn't say this is because Belgians are great about taking care of the roads.  They don't.   The reaction to snow is a bit like the reaction to rain - you ignore it and just get on with your day.

At our house we have made one accommodation.  We are now using the back driveway instead of the front one.  Our driveway is very steep and in current conditions we can not drive the car up the drive.  Fortunately our driveway runs from the front of the property to the back of the property where it connects with a tractor road.  This portion is much flatter and as the mud on the back road is now all frozen it is easier to drive upon rather than in.

Overall, I would have to say I prefer the snow to the rain.  Walking the dog is easier on snow and frozen ground and upon returning home there is no need to wipe all the mud from his paws and underside.  The snow doesn't make me as wet as I run errands and the sight of snow is far prettier than gobs of mud everywhere.

I'll probably welcome the sight of mud and warmer temperatures after a long dark winter, but for now I am content to say "Il neige."

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