Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orange Juice is Closer

I'm sick, therefore I'm whiny.  Nothing serious just a runny nose, awful cough and a fever that has me shivering one moment and burning the next.  The doctor says it is viral which means I get to just let it do its thing.

There are things one likes to have close at hand while letting a virus do battle with one's immune system, like orange juice, extra soft tissues, ginger ale, tea, chicken soup and just the right medications.  In our house, we have tea.  In Burke, I probably could have mustered the energy it took to run to the Giant or CVS less than five minutes away.  There is no way I can make the trek to Chievres in my current condition.  I'm sure Belgian stores have some of the things I need but the closest one is about a 10 minute drive and then my brain would have to work in French.  My brain is pretty fuzzy today.

So instead I'll stay home and write a whiny blog, take a nap, drink some tea and hope that my immune system will soon be victorious.

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