Monday, June 13, 2011

Cherry Pie

In the past I have noted for you the many differences between our US home and our Belgian home.  Often these differences are lacks - no garbage disposal here, no storage space, etc.

One similarity is that both yards have a cherry tree.  In the US the tree is ornamental and here it produces fruit.

The tree has been tremendously accommodating in coming into full fruit during the Reeves family visit.

Kyle invited the girls to pick some cherries.  Some cherries turned into alot of cherries and before we knew it we had several bowls.  More than eight people can easily eat.

I posted some photos on facebook of Kyra and my nieces with their cherries.  This prompted a comment that cherry pie should be made (thanks mom).

Of course the girls thought that this was an excellent idea.  I told them if they pitted enough cherries, I would make a crust.  Thus they pitted and I pulled out the cook book.

 The girls pitted four cups of cherries and cleaned up after themselves.  I rolled out pie crust dough.  My dough wasn't terribly wonderful so the double crust pie turned into a single crust with decorations on top.

The decorations were the girls' initials - Kyra, Julianna and Hannah.  Kyra added an "m" (for me) and a heart.  Hannah added a smiley face (just above the K).

 The end result was quite delicious we all enjoyed the warm pie within moments of it coming out of the oven.

It was so good that the next day additional cherries were picked, pitted and baked into a second pie which was enjoyed after Sunday evening's dinner.

I'm getting pretty good at pie crust from scratch.  So who knows what other types of pies the summer holds in store....

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