Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Week it Begins

Bit by bit the new year has begun.  First the kids went back to school.  The next week my French classes began again.  This week theater camp and dance classes begin and then the following week rehearsals for the play begin.

I feel a bit like one of those circus acts with the plates spinning on high sticks.  The first plates for me are things like laundry, grocery shopping, dinner, driving the kids around and exercising.  Last week I added the language class plate (not a huge commitment other than the three hours of class a week - if there is homework it doesn't take much time.)  This week I'm adding alot of plates and quite a bit of time commitment.  Theater camp meets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for two hours.  I'll be teaching three dance classes (all on Tuesday) for three and a half hours.

With these come not only the instruction time but also the preparation time.  I'm choreographing dances and directing the show (Schoolhouse Rock Jr. Live!) and co-teaching the dance classes which means figuring out what is to be taught and once again choreographing recital pieces.  It is fun and I definitely enjoy it.  I just find that the initial act of getting all these plates spinning takes a bit of energy.

If I can get them all up and spinning, I think I can maintain.  We'll see....

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