Thursday, January 19, 2012

Schoolhouse Rock

If you are my age you remember that watching cartoons was a Saturday morning activity.  In between the shows we'd be exposed to short educational animated songs called Schoolhouse Rock.  These songs were about grammar, multiplication tables, history and science.

Now these songs are a show - Schoolhouse Rock Live! and this winter/spring I'm directing Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.  I've got nine kids and we'll be putting on the show in April.  Between now and then we'll be learning songs, lines and choreography.

I've been busy these last few days choreographing the songs.  So far I have most of a Noun is a Person, Place or Thing and a third of Elbow Room.  Still to go I've got to figure out Interplanet Janet, Adjectives, Circulation, Melting Pot, Three is a Magic Number, Preamble, Interjections and two others I've completely forgotten.

The songs and ideas spin around my head throughout the day.  Right now it is kind of fun but I imagine before long I won't much care what the function of a conjunction is.

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