Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm Back - maybe

Yes it has been a while.  I’ll give this a try and see if I can maintain regular posting until we head back to the US.  So to make up for lost time here’s what has been going on since I last posted (briefly) –

  • Allen had surgery for an infected abscess in October.  Since then he has had daily bandage changes and yes they are still on-going.
  • I began teaching dance classes and was the assistant director for an after-school drama camp production of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Kyra played the fairy Merriweather in Sleeping Beauty.
  • Kyle and Kyra had a mini vacation to Paris at the beginning of November (Allen had to stay home for bandage changes and I stayed with him. 
  • Making arrangements for Allen’s school work and in home tutoring (due to extended school absence) was quite time consuming.
  • My French speaking is now improving exponentially and most of the time I am thinking in French rather than translating English thoughts to French.
  • I was understudy for Martha Jefferson and Abigail Adams in a production of 1776.  I played Martha once.  Lots of fun but lots of work.
  • Allen went skiing with youth group over Christmas break.  Poor Allen had to ski in the Austrian Alps.
  • Kyle, Kyra and I went to the South of France and enjoyed sunshine and the sights of Nice, Cannes, Grasse, Eze and Mougin. 
  • I have learned to cope with the short days and grey skies.  It helps that this year I had other things to focus on.  I was healthier and it rained less. 
  • I’m way behind on scrapbooking.
  • I learned I won the Army’s Festival of Arts award for second place actress in a musical for my role as Laurey in Oklahoma!

This isn’t everything, but a gist.  What’s going on now? 

Kyra is eating a vegan diet for the month of January, which means I am meal planning and cooking without meat or animal products.

I just auditioned for Six Characters in Search of an Author.

Next week I begin teaching three dance classes (I have a partner instructor – Leslee who is fabulous) and will take on more directing responsibilities for theater camp's production of Schoolhouse Rock Live.

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  1. Welcome come! I kept checking. I knew you had been busy from what I had seen on Facebook. But we are looking forward to seeing you in person before too long.