Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Miss Buffa's

Recitals are a major production.  There are multiple classes, types of dances and ages to mix into a performance of reasonable (ish) length.

Schedules for rehearsals need to be worked out.  Decisions must be made about make-up, hair, costumes, the color of tights and various accessories.  Space and time have to be set aside for rehearsal and performances.  There are many many moving pieces.

By the time we left the US, I had the Buffa's Dance Studio recital mostly figured out.  I had all the necessary equipment - brush, gel, hairnet, bobby pins, hair pins and all important safety pins.  I knew which brand and color of tights to buy.  Kyra was in the right place at the right time with the right stuff.

Now we are a bit of a mess.  We have to learn the recital routines of two studios - in French.  To add to that neither studio is helping us out with clear communication.  At the beginning of recital season Buffa's would mail out the recital packet - about 8 pages of color coded information - everything a mom would need to know to successfully navigate the craziness.  These studios provide us with a sheet of paper with some information on it every now and again.  Some information is announced orally in class in French behind closed doors (Kyra doesn't speak French).

I'll have Kyra in the right place at the right time.  She'll have a costume (rented - much cheaper - I like that).  She will know her dance and be able to perform it.  After that all bets are off - her bun might not be at the right height, her make-up will probably be different and tights and shoes who knows?

Kyra and I will both be glad when this is over.  It stresses us out to just see how things go but without information we can't prepare so things will be as they will be.  No matter what Kyra will dance beautifully and her mom will be proud.

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