Monday, April 11, 2011


 First he ran in the JV hurdles.  Don't know why - that's how the race officials classified him.  The hurdles were lower and closer together.  He won the race no problem.

Then the officials and/or coaches realized that Allen isn't JV.  So he got to run again, against bigger guys, over higher hurdles, spread further apart.

In between races, he ran up and down the field to check in, and get in place in time - no rest.

He barely was at the start before the gun went off for the varsity hurdles.  Nonetheless, he shaved a second off of his best time.  At 18.1 he has to shave off less than a second to qualify for Europeans.  Qualifying time is 17.3

We'll keep you posted on his progress

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  1. He'll do it. Hope to see him run some day.