Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Set

I'm a bit delayed in this post, but I've fallen behind on a number of things.

Last Sunday SHAPE players finished their run of Bye Bye Birdie.  On Sunday afternoon the stage at the theater was decorated for the needs of that musical - moving walls, wing curtains, benches and other sizable props that could be moved on or off stage by a couple of people.

As we have been rehearsing Tartuffe simultaneously, we have been moving our chairs, table and settee on and off of the Birdie set while imagining a significantly wider stage and walls, stairs and doors.

On Monday evening when I arrived for rehearsal I no longer had to imagine.  There was stage where there had not been stage.  There were walls, doorways (doors arrived Tuesday), steps and a much wider stage.  I wish I had before and after photos to show you.  You'd be impressed.

This doesn't mean the set is finished or dressed by any means.  The walls have been cobbled together from previous productions.  It was fun to listen to my fellow cast members tour the set noting which panel came from which production - this one is from Anyone Can Whistle, this from Scrooge, is this one from Annie?

It is helpful to have a set and know the width and depth of the stage.  It is also a bit scary, it means our debut is growing ever closer and I'd like to be alot more prepared for it than I currently am.  Hopefully as the set gets finished and polished so will I.

The next few weeks will be fairly full of Tartuffe, so my blog may become a bit one note for a while.

Publicity poster update - I still don't know if I am a roadside banner but I am a large placard (4ft high by 3ft wide) just inside the main gate. (I will get a photo of myself by it)

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