Thursday, February 17, 2011

Publicity Poster

Last week amongst many other activities we shot photos to create the publicity poster for Tartuffe.  At the time I didn't think much of it.  The photos were crammed into a short time slot when the guy playing Tartuffe, the photographer, the director and myself had concurrently open schedules.  The fact that we found 45 minutes was quite remarkable.

Within that short frame of time, we had to find a costume that fit me and the time period of the play (the one I'll wear in the play is being made), get into costume, find an OK background, light the setting, pose and shoot the photos.  During the photo shoot I didn't really focus on anything other that the fact that we needed to get the photos done.

Afterwards a number of other thoughts occurred to me.  The first was prideful/vain - I'm over 40 and my neck, shoulders and decolletage still look good.  I enjoyed this thought for a day or so and then I realized...

The photos were going to be on the publicity poster.  The publicity posters are going to be displayed everywhere in the community - public bathrooms, the post office, the library, the gym, chapel, cafeteria, etc.   This could get a bit odd, especially if this is the image they are using for the large roadside banners.


  1. I'd be proud too! The poster looks great. Honestly, it probably wouldn't occur to me that the chest shown belongs to a "real" person- I would probably just think it was an "official" version. So, congratulations- you look so good that you look "fake"!